WTR4 Still Water Cans (24 / Case)

WTR4 Still Water Cans (24 / Case)

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Note this is for 24 Cans not 12 like most products on our website. Because this is a fundraising effort, there will not be a discount for subscriptions. 

WTR4 is back and now available to purchase! After last fall and our #FilltheTruck event to get clean water to people affected by Hurricane Ian, we saw the potential to make this a full time product and help more people. 

We are donating all profits to the WTR4 community fund that will be allocating funds to non-profits and local organizations to provide better access to drinking water. This will not just be 1 or 2% of sales, but a significant donation that can be tracked on our webpage

The first recipient is The Water Project out of Concord, NH. They are one of the most transparent non-profits we have come across and we are incredibly happy to support them in their journey to provide clean water to communities in Africa. Learn more on our website https://noblbeverages.com/products/water4/