COVID-19: Doing Our Part

Tufts Medical Center (Boston, MA)

Monday, March 16, 2020 was the beginning of the "new normal" for our community and country as a whole. Entire businesses closed their doors, grocery stores struggled to keep shelves stocked, and our hospital workers were faced with a growing influx of COVID-19 patients in need of treatment. 

Instead of closing our doors, NOBL embarked on a project to find opportunities to help our community with the remaining resources we have. While our cold trucks sit idle waiting for a call to help deliver meals and other essential items, we have begun donating and delivering bags of cold brew and other beverages to hospitals throughout New England. 

These donations are made in exchange for your contribution: when you donate, we donate. NOBL will be continuing to match all contributions 1:1 on cold brew coffee bags through the end of April. We're hoping to reach out goal of 1,000 contributions, which we will match for a total of 2,000. For a live tally of our donations, please follow the link above.

Additionally, we are committed to help flatten the curve and eliminate unnecessary trips outside of home. We have launched this web store not only to coordinate hospital donations, but also to keep those who are working from home caffeinated with contact-free delivery of local craft cold brew coffee and other beverages. Shipping nationwide, we also offer free (and contact free) home delivery for orders over $75 and within 75 miles of our facility in Seabrook, NH.

For any questions or any inquiries for additional opportunities to help our community, please email us at or call our office at (603) 395-9077.

- NOBL Beverages Team